[AMRadio] Bootleggin' a SW BC may be the only way to go

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 00:05:42 EDT 2016

There is an SWL site that lists pirate broadcasters and their freqs and skeds, another thing to search for when you run out of counties I guess.  I was intrigued by their operation, and wanted to know what it would take to be legal.  I did some research into getting a bonafide SW broadcaster license several years ago, including contacting the FCC.  Talk about government intervention, they have a rule, regulation, blue print for everything.  Initial outlay just to get started with the paper work was over $200K.  Don't forget the paved parking lot with handicap spots too. I don't think it is possible for the common man to legally get that BC610 up and running in the  Tropical Bands and give the world some Hank Williams, Faron Young, and blast the Saudis with Ray Steven's 'Ahab the Arab".

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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