[AMRadio] SW station on 28.947

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Mon Oct 10 08:12:08 EDT 2016

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> The station identified and it is WHRI in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  I see
> on their web site about shortwave broadcasting.
> Jim
> W5JO

Didn't they use to identify as World Harvest Radio International, and
broadcast religious programming on short wave?  I don't remember them being
in SC though. Indiana maybe?

Don k4kyv

What I heard, the signal was just above the noise and fading in and out, was 
the call and a city name plus South Carolina.  I had the sensitivity set to 
low to see if the signal would disappear, but it did not.  I did hear the 
announcer say World Harvest Radio.  No telling were the transmitter was 
because of their multiple locations but the identification could have been 
their headquarters information and I missed the transmitter location on a 
fade down.


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