[AMRadio] SW station on 28.947

w5jo at brightok.net w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Oct 10 13:58:36 EDT 2016

I have not experience any overload problems here with my radio.  I live too 
far from any significant source of strong RF and have not experienced 
overload in the ham bands either the radio has an attenuator plus another 
feature to preclude overload by reducing sensitivity.  I do have an external 
attenuator that I use for that possibility but have never had to use it 
here.  In an RF rich environment, yes, but I live in the sticks.

This signal is not there today.


Subject: Re: [AMRadio] SW station on 28.947

I'm inclined to agree with Don Roden--I think something more local is
going on.  Also, I've heard that new IC-7300 is prone to overload.


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