[AMRadio] Condx caps

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 14 08:42:51 EDT 2016

Thanks for all who gave input on this question.  I did leave it uncharged for a day and tried it again, the 10uf sections did fine but that 30 drew about 10ma at 450 for a while before it came down to less than 1ma.  That section will probably makes its weakness known with a short to ground some time soon.  I did look in my 'box-o-caps' and pulled out an old 3 section can that had the square terminals with the wire wrap connections still on it, and tested it just to see.  All 3 -  450V sections took voltage and held it like it was brand new.  That cap is probably 40 years old at least, something I scavenged from an old TV,  and has been sitting there for that long.  Too bad it wouldn't fit.


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