[AMRadio] Condx. caps

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 18 23:02:27 EDT 2016

Well, add this one to the pile of unsuccessful reconditioning attempts.  Continuing recondx work on the Halli S-40 RCVR PS filter, while the 2 -  10uf sections work just fine, was wary of the 30uf and have been charging and discharging it over the last several days, convincing myself it had healed.  While in QSO tonight on our 6 meter AM net, I was letting it cook on the bench supply at 450VDC and it drawing about 0.8ma while I tinkered with other stuff, after a time, glanced at the MA meter and it was pinned on the 100ma range.  Yikes!  Cap was hot as a 2 dollar pistol.  So, after a week of incremental voltage increase, rest time and cycle it again, TLC'ing it back to life, it looked like it might make it OK, only to quit in glorious fashion.  Glad I saved my prepared Newark order, now I just have to click 'buy'.

de W4MEC in NC

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