[AMRadio] Meissner SS expert available?

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 1 21:56:28 EDT 2016

Is there a Meissner Signal Shifter addict out there?  My first VFO was a Meissner Deluxe, and nostalgically picked one up a couple years ago, now finally getting it going.  All wax bypass caps were leaking badly, but the filters seemed to accept conditioning and seem to be working just fine.  This one is also a wartime production as it has glass 6L6 and 6F6 with the additional 10K across the osc. screen resistor R11 with a decal note about this on one of the coil cans, advising you to remove the 10K if you use metal tubes.  The question concerns a wiring and component difference.

Per the schematic, coming off choke 6, a PS filter choke is R12, 4K 10W feeding filter cap C19.  From there it goes through R13 a 1K 5W to the series string of a VR105 and VR150.  This unit does not have R12, choke 6 feeds C19 direct and R13 goes to the regulators.  Anybody know if this was a production change?  Current draw through R13, the regulators and normal load is only 25MA, about perfect for them.  There appears to be no terminal that the wire lead of choke 6 would have gone to for one end of an R12 to attach to, and R13 appears to not have been disturbed on one end since it was built, the other has been resoldered though.  R13 was shown in the manual to be a 1K, the resistor actually reads about 1.5K, but 'body-end-dot' may indicate a 1.4K, there is a bit of yellow on one end, the body is either burned or black, and there is no dot.  Not sure of a design where you would come out of a choke, then through a resistor to get to the filter cap, combination smoothing choke and smoothing resistor perhaps or brother in law effect.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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