[AMRadio] Meissner mystery solved and Shelby report

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 4 21:14:41 EDT 2016

My question about components in the Meissner schematic, but not in mine may have been answered.  They are supposed to be in mine and somebody changed them out using only a 1.4K.  Apparently, the stock 2 section cap, 15UF at 500 and 10 at 450 was more economical than something else and resistors were cheap.   R12, feeding the 10UF 450 volt section was in there to maintain a safety margin in the 450 volt cap.  If it is not in there, since the Meissner was rated to 125VAC in, the B+ rises to almost 450 volts to that part of the cap without R12 if you dial in 125 volts in.  With the required 4K R12 in there, you drop 140 volts or so, down, keeping the 450 rating from being approached.  The 4K and R13, a 1K, combine to make a 5K resistor feeding the regulator tubes, with the whole load being in the 30MA range either in STBY or operate.  Now I know you can all breathe easier.

Regarding the Selby NC hamfest, which used to be a premier event,  I believe the almost hurricane than came through stopped a lot of travelers.  There was a lot of gear there at good prices and much of it sold.  Here are some pix:


Like all of the older fests, Shelby has suffered over the years, there are no big vendors other than MFJ, and the Elecraft folks who you can only order from.  MFJ never used to sell direct when they showed up, you always had to go to a vendor and buy it from them, even if MFJ just handed it over to them to sell to you.  MFJ was selling direct this year and last too.  Even the ESRC guy didn't show up with his tubes to sell, but he may have been hurricaned in since he comes out of FLA.  Rumor has it that Shelby may return to Dallas, NC.  The fest left Shelby after the city of Shelby raised the rent, but the local businesses owners saw a big decline in income and pleaded with the local govt. to mend its ways and bring the fest back.  It's been back 2 years now and is failing.  Due to the Shelby Fairground being in financial difficulty, they may have to leave again.  While the hamfest and cancelled motel reservations may have suffered, Bridges BBQ, a major ham op  feeding trough actually had to close for the day after it ran out of food.  I have never seen that happen before.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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