[AMRadio] FCC's AM power

Ed edwmullin at aol.com
Sun Sep 25 08:36:40 EDT 2016

You could start with a 1500 watt carrier, then 'downwards' modulate and meet the requirement.   But most people would tell you that violates the rule. 

It's just this sort of conversation that proves how ridiculous the power rule is. If people under the rule can't even agree how it's applied, and those enforcing the rule can't provide a simple method to measure or interpret it, it's a waste.   Basing a rule on a measurement that few people can measure accurately, let alone define is simple Government lawyer stupidity. 

To be effective rules should simple to understand and easy to apply.  

The old rule of measuring the input power to the final was simpler, easy to measure, for amateurs, easy to understand and would have encouraged folks to design more and more efficient systems.  I think the problem with it was the FCC personnel wouldn't or couldn't go around connecting meters to potentially lethal final power supplies.  Or maybe they just aren't technical enough to figure it out.  Nowadays with so few folks doing real desist work, especially on AM, there's little motivation to change it.  

On the bright side, if you're not grossly exceeding the limit, odds are no ones going to be able to figure it out.   Run a well designed rig with clean modulation and low spurious emissions and you'll be far ahead of most of the crowd anyway. A few watts here and there isn't getting noticed by anyone. 

VR,   Ed Mullin

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