[AMRadio] FCC's AM power

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sun Sep 25 16:33:10 EDT 2016

> It's just this sort of conversation that proves how ridiculous the power
rule is.
> If people under the rule can't even agree how it's applied, and those
> enforcing the rule can't provide a simple method to measure or interpret
> it's a waste.   ...  I think the problem with it
> was the FCC personnel wouldn't or couldn't go around connecting meters to
> potentially lethal final power supplies.  Or maybe they just aren't
> enough to figure it out

That's what they claimed, but the real reason was that jerk who at the time
was head of the Private Radio Bureau, the amateur rulemaking division of the
FCC, didn't  like AM and wanted to get  rid of it.  Under his leadership
they used fraudulent arguments and dodged issues brought up in response to
opposing comments to push the ruling through with the non-technical lawyer
types who made up the Commissioners.  He's the same one who originally
pushed Docket 20777 back in the mid 1970s, the original
regulation-by-bandwidth NPRM, that would have eliminated AM altogether.

Don k4kyv

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