[AMRadio] FCC's AM power

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Ollie and All,

It doesn't matter whether it is an Autek or a Bird Peak reading meter.

They simply read the Peak Power Output Power.

I don't know a single watt meter that is capable of reading Peak Envelope Power.

There is far too much circuitry involved in reading PEP.  WE as a group of Amateurs don't have that sort of budget!

I suspect an oscilloscope of beyond normal calibrated one would do so either.

Even a darn good Tektronix Oscilloscope would be rather useless in an attempt to read PEP.

Regards, Bob N0DGN

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I'm not clear about the distinction between "peak power" and "peak envelope power" (If there is one).  My Autek power/swr meter lets me select between average power and peak power, but am I monitoring peak
*envelope* power when I have it switched to the "peak power" position?
   --- or is peak envelope power only possible to determine with a calibrated oscilloscope?

I'm grateful to read your answers to this.


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