[AMRadio] FCC's AM power

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Tue Sep 27 21:29:43 EDT 2016

I sold it because it did not provide any help with SSB, which I operate from 
time to time, and any model 43 would do for steady state carrier.  However 
there are many people willing to pay big bucks for things like that so I 
cashed in.

For many years I used an RF ammeter and oscilloscope for power and 
modulation.  I have now quit both because I operate below the max power and 
modulation percentage allowed.


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That P.E.P. bull -Shi'ite isn't worth that kind of money to me.  I don't
remember ever paying that much for one  single piece of amateur radio
equipment in my entire life, except for my tower and radial ground system,
and I have some pretty top-of-the-line stuff in my shack.  Besides, that
pricey meter would be worthless here; not a sprig of co-ass, 50 ohms or
otherwise, in my entire antenna  system.

Don k4kyv

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