[AMRadio] FCC's AM power

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Sep 28 04:27:55 EDT 2016

> For many years I used an RF ammeter and oscilloscope for power and
> modulation.  I have now quit both because I operate below the max power
> and modulation percentage allowed.
> Jim W5JO

There is no longer a limit to  modulation percentage.  The FCC deleted the
former rule that prohibited amplitude modulation in excess of 100%, back in
the late70s.  They probably thought the rule was extraneous, believing or
hoping that amateur AM would soon  die out, or that the FCC would  outlaw

That was the same proceeding in which they also deleted the former rule
against simultaneous amplitude and frequency modulation, making Timtron's
"SBE" perfectly legal. 

Don k4kyv

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