[AMRadio] FCC's AM power

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 06:00:45 EDT 2016

I have a Bird 43 with the add on circuit for the peak reading function
with the 9 v. battery inside.  Not long after I got it (at a hamfest)
I removed the battery and put it back into regular Bird 43 mode
because I thought the peak reading thing was a waste of time and I
didn't want to forget about the battery and find it having leaked all
over 10 years or more later on.

I also measure power when I need to, with RF amp meters into known
measured resistances.  But RF amp meters are not always accurate.

The more you get into power measurement the more you realize you are
chasing an illusion if you are trying to get some exact measurement.
Unless you have costly scientific lab apparatus you mostly have to
take readings from a few sources and average them to get the best
approximation.  Nowadays my concern with output power is limited to
guestimating the efficiency of the final PA.



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