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Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 17:57:19 EDT 2017

On 4/1/17, mark <lexnonscripta at usa.com> wrote:
> Yeee Hawww! CB days are here again!

The CB days began a long time ago.  They started gradually after the
introduction of Class D CB and the flood of licenses, then unlicensed,
to "keep track of the smokies."  CB became a hobby--there were
magazines.   One was published by CQ called S9.  There was another one
I think simply called CB Magazine.

Ham became closer to CB with the widespread popularity of transceivers
and some CB manufacturers made separates so the operators could feel
like they were hams.

The FOIA action that forced FCC to release the actual ham exam Q and
As opened the door to memorizing then websites and software greatly
enhanced it.  Thousands memorized with no understanding, VE sessions
distanced FCC into almost non-existance (unless you were caught
cheating).  Ham rigs became more and more idiot proof--you no longer
had to tune the final and CBers began to run ham rigs on 11 meters.
The lines continued to blur culminating in the elimination of the CW
test, basically the last thing that was a stark barrier and difference
between ham and CB.

Ham became glorified CB a long time ago.  the exception is if you want
to operate CW and dwell in the 20th century ham world that is apart
from QST, CQ, indoors at hamfests, the world where hams still build
stuff, have repair benches and fix their own gear, read schematics and
know how their stuff works at least enough to take a shot at trying to
figure out a problem, and don't buy everything pre-assembled for plug
and play.  There are probably some CBers who know quite a bit more
about radio than a lot of hams these days.

By the way, I'm the last person in the world to claim some sort of
expertise with radio.  I find it very difficult to learn.


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