[AMRadio] HT-4/BC-610 modulation transformer available

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Apr 28 03:12:27 EDT 2017

In my parts collection I have what I believe is an original pre-WWII
HT-4 modulation transformer, or perhaps it was from an early version of the
The person I got it from some 35 years ago said it was out of a BC-610. It
similar to the transformer in a BC-610E, but this one is made by Kenyon,
while the 
BC-610E one is made by Stancor. It looks identical to the xfmr in a photo I
seen of the insides of the pre-war HT-4 and BC-610A. It has been stored in a
area (my ham shack) all these years, so there should be no moisture

It is an open-frame transformer, but the casting is shaped somewhat
differently from the 610-E one. I assume it is good. I'd prefer to see it go
a real pre-war HT-4 or early 610, but it should work equally well in later
I can test it in my HF-300 rig at 2000V/250MA to make sure it works.

I would trade for other radio item(s), or entertain any cash offer. I'd
see it be put to use than just to continue sitting in my parts collection.
E-mail me if you are interested. Otherwise make a mental note in case you
ever run into someone who needs the xfmr for the HT-4. I'm planning to
attend Dayton next month, so I could bring it with me for the exchange in
person, to avoid shipping costs and risk of damage or destruction.

Don k4kyv

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