[AMRadio] The ultimate dumb question

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Apr 28 16:41:25 EDT 2017

> What it doesn't say is how to get the tube out
> of the box.  Yea, I can rip the box apart, but there does not seem to be a
> to extract the inner sleeve holding the tube without ripping it up to do
> Anybody know the secret, just in the idea of preserving the box, or in
> era, who cared, so they just ripped it open?

I think they just assumed that when you finally decide to use the tube, you
would just rip open the box.  You may be able to carefully slit the box in
an inconspicuous place, remove the tube and glue the box back together.  I'm
familiar with those boxes, but don't  recall if I have ever been able to
extract the tube without ruining the box.  They may have designed it that
way intentionally, to make it  difficult to replace a new tube with a used
one and pass it off as new-in-the-box. Another problem I have had with
preserving old tube boxes is that the ancient cardboard has usually
disintegrated to the point that the box falls apart or even crumbles to
pieces when you remove the tube.  Even while carefully opening a regular
tube box, the flap often falls off when you lift it to take out the tube.

Don k4kyv

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