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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sun Apr 30 00:38:37 EDT 2017

> I head very little HF CW here except on contest days. And I think a lot of
> is computer generated.
> Today I turned on my 2M FM rig to check the local repeater activity. There
> hasn't been any. Just the repeater identifying itself.
> In this area Ham Radio is in decline.
> Bob Macklin

Same on HF phone.  Back in the winter there were plenty of weekend nights
during primetime hours when 75m and 160m, which used to be packed with
signals like sardines and you had to  hunt for a clear spot to start a QSO,
had 15-20 kc wide swathes of spectrum with no activity whatever.  After
about 9:30 PM they roll up the sidewalks on 160m, and few nocturnal
emissions on 75 like in the days of old.  This, despite record numbers of
hams reportedly in the FCC data base.

At  least you can usually get on the air now without having to battle QRM.
Even during major contests there are usually vacant spots to be found.  But
still, it can be disheartening when you know propagation condx are good and
QRN is low, but no activity to be  heard, and you call CQ till you are blue
in the face and get no response.

Don k4kyv

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