[AMRadio] Ham Radio in decline?

FRANK HUGHES hughes frsahu0003 at embarqmail.com
Sun Apr 30 07:48:10 EDT 2017

As a new guy (2009), I have noticed that other people my age are more common @ hamfests, don't see lots of younger people. 

Good point about the technical skills, if you can't build it w/ surface mount components these days, what other components are there to work with? 

I have only built one homebrew amp, and it took a very long time and lots of scrounging to get all the iron and related items. 

Next one will be LDMOS and DC volts, easy to source and work with. 
I like the technical aspects more than actually operating, happier w/ a soldering iron in my hand than a mic....weird???? 

Also, I can no longer lift some of the boatanchors around here, and am selling them off. 
Not much luck selling, so far, as young people don't want boatanchors, and the other other old guys already have more than they need too. 
It does not help that the population of people who value boatanchors is rapidly shrinking. 
10-15 years from now there will be one 99 year old guy remaining, with 2834876 boatanchors piled up all around him, calling CQ into the wilderness.... 

As a new guy, I never had the experience of good band conditions, as I hear people discuss the way it was decades ago. 
Wonder if the solar cycle is working against the phone part of the hobby, thus less interest. 

I know at least for me, phone is easy, but at my advanced age, there is no hope of ever learning CW, (with a key), and using software to generate CW does not sound like my kind of fun. 


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