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CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 30 10:11:09 EDT 2017

When I was first licensed there were about 150,000 hams and about 40K belonged to the ARRL.  Now there are 720K tickets out there, and 160K belong to the ARRL, about 1/5. The ARRL says there are only about 300K hams active, how they figure that, not sure, and removing double call signs and repeaters or similar calls would not lower it 320,000 for sure. We have come a long way from 1907 where a 15 inch spark coil feeding an antenna at 180 feet with a coherer detector gave you a range of 75-100 miles, and also a real long way from, "These evil men and boys who were always doing queer things with wires and coils and evil smelling jars, with odd jumbles of miscellaneous junk which constituted the apparatus for their experimental laboratories located in some private den..."(from 200 Meters and Down)  While the evil smelling jars are gone, my 'private den' is wall to wall coils and wires and junk, either working and on the air or in process, much to the disdain of the ARRL as I have been told directly.  QRP builders as an exception, the fun, and art of 'The Radio' is lost to the latest generation of hams in many cases, and like the ARRL, seemingly hold those who practice it as living in the past.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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