[AMRadio] Ham Radio in decline?

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Sun Apr 30 12:05:10 EDT 2017

Some time back I noticed that the ARRL began pushing the Emergency 
Communications aspect of the hobby.  I live in tornado alley and many hams, 
a lot of them city, county and state employees all tested for the Technician 
license so they could do storm spotting and disaster communications on a 
local basis.  You don't hear them on otherwise.  The other aspect the ARRL 
has been pushing is the digital communications modes, as evidenced by their 
recent push to take a portion  of the 80 meter band from phone and give it 
to digital.  I hope everyone commented on that one.

Another aspect of ham radio, for me, was getting to know people and the 
airwaves gave a wide diversity, but today Facebook has all one wants to know 
about others and Twitter will tell you what they are thinking up to the 

About the only avenue for new hams who want to operate AM has been the CB 
band but now, even that has seemed to decline.    Who knows what will happen 
but I have seen several new hams in their 40s get on the air with AM.  I 
just finished working with one up in NY who has a DX 100 that he bought some 
time back and wanted it on the air.  He could not find help locally so I 
spend several months coaching him on trouble shooting technique via email. 
He is now happily on the air.  He is in his late 40s and a nice type to hold 
a license.

Maybe things will turn for the better, I am optimistic.


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Perhaps all these collective comments should be forwarded to the ARRL.

I suspect like any "hobby" or personal en devour, we all continue to be
involved because we get something in return for the investment of time and

Perhaps the ARRL could create or stimulate the appeal that Radio had back
in the glory days. Is that possible? Technology pushes us forward so I
suspect the older folks among us, including myself may need to adapt.
However, I agree, some of the new methods of operating are clearly BAD and
just wrong.

Alan W4AMV

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