[AMRadio] Ham Radio in decline?

donroden at hiwaay.net donroden at hiwaay.net
Sun Apr 30 14:39:45 EDT 2017

> macklinbob at gmail.com writes:
> I got my  Novice ticket in 1957 during the hottest solar cycle since ham
> radio was  invented. 40M was wall to wall signals between 7150 and 7200
> every evening. You could make contacts every evening and it was not just HI,
> GOODBYE. It was a real QSO.

My mentor ( SK ) had QSLs from all over the world.. Exotic places that  
I could only dream about as a farm kid.  Radio was all about  
His QSLs were all on 50.400Mhz using a Lafayette AM rig with a
2E26 final ( maybe 10 watts carrier ? ) and a receiver sensitivity of  
one microvolt if lucky.

That must have been exciting.

Maybe next cycle ??  Fingers crossed.



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