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Those of us that still do operate will continue.  I have to take a pause before I can get my antennas back up where they need to be.

I absolutely have no room for 160meters.  Even 75meters is going to be a stretch.  I do have 40meters with a Double Bazooka.

I no longer have heavy tube gear.  My Arthritis has caused all of it to be disposed of.  I am now stuck with a factory refurbished Kenwood TS-2000.  I also have managed to obtain an ALS-1306 Solid State Amplifier.

I can put 10W AM into it and get full legal output.  I can go SSB or CW at full output into the amplifier.

The antennas have to wait until the outside part of my deck is stripped of the wood put down in 1993.  The new lumber is being delivered on May 3rd.  Then I have to install all of it.

So it will be the bottom half of May before I can do anything else.

I also have stupid restrictions by the city!  No tower unless I can guarantee it would fall ONLY on MY Property!  Since this parcel barely will fit the 70 foot Double Bazooka, that leaves me with far less height to run any antenna system.  Yet there are NO HOAs or Covenants.  Just some dumb Bureaucracy!.  I have had run ins with Zoning in the past.  I submitted my plans for this Deck in 1993.  Only to have Zoning call me directly, informing me that I was living in an illegal domicile!

I started to laugh at the fool!  She then stated, "You are not taking this seriously."  I told her flat out that any lawyer would GLADLY take this on!  Plain and simple, *IF* this is an illegal domicile, then this City has been Fraudulently collecting taxes since the City became such in 1973!  I flat let it be known that I WOULD pursue such a Law Suit for not only the taxes, but all the interest that would have accumulated on such funds!

This whole idiocy was based on a Survey that showed one corner of this house was 1/10th of a foot too close to the property line!  What a farce!

This individual then stated that I would have to put up a $200 bond and request a waiver.  I flat told her that it was NOT going to happen!

She finally told me to send a letter stating that I had NOT picked up the house and moved it.  So she got her dang letter!  My Deck Permit was approved.

Bureaucratic idiocy just astounds me!  Really, I just decided to arbitrarily reach down and move the house?  Whom is out of their mind?

This is what some of us have to deal with!

Now back to regularly programming!


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I think you may be right; at least ham radio AS WE KNOW IT will likely be
history.  Newington can  do nothing about it because this is due to market
forces beyond our reach.

This is not unique to ham radio; it's a phenomenon impregnated throughout
the fabric of to-day's society and economy.  Take another issue that's
making big headlines in the news these  days; the decline of the coal
industry.  There's no "war on coal" per se; coal is being over-run by other
markets and other energy sources.  Natural gas.  Solar. Wind.  Maybe someday
in future, nuclear fusion.  Analogous to ham radio's present over-run by
cellular technology, internet and  social media.

The coal industry won't be reinvigorated by killing off environmental
regulations, just as ham radio won't be reinvigorated by dumbing down the
entry level.  The politicians who promise to bring back the coal mining jobs
are the same voices shouting in the wilderness as those shouting they will
bring back renewed interest in ham radio.  The market forces that have
brought these declines are too powerful to reverse with simple-minded
environmental deregulation or simple-minded "novice enhancement".  Only some
unforeseen direction in technology will bring back either the coal industry
or ham radio.

There will always be a market for coal, particularly in the production of
steel and manufacture of plastics, but its use as a primary source of energy
will continue to decline to a trickle and there's nothing any politician can
do about it.  Likewise,  there will always be some form of ham radio (if
governments of the world don't decide to get rid of us merely because it's
too much trouble to administer licences and enforce regulations), but it
will be minuscule compared to what most of us grew up with.  We may even
keep the HF bands, but they will be populated with ever-declining activity;
we will hold onto them only because no-one else has a use for them.  After
all, people still raise horses and enjoy riding them.

There are many more present-day analogies to the amateur radio situation; I
just picked coal because it's currently such a hot topic in the news.

The best we can  do is not to give in, but to continue to operate as we have
in the past until there's no-one left to talk to.  We can continue to build
and modify transmitters and erect antennas until we are too old and decrepit
to lift transformers, drill sheet metal and climb towers.

So, let's enjoy it while we still can.  Continue to rescue as much vintage
stuff from the landfill  as possible, until every last person who values it
is dead.  But don't count on any contrived PR campaign to magically
generate hordes of youngsters enthralled by amateur radio, or count on any
politician to "bring back coal". 

Don k4kyv

PS: The following seems particularly pertinent to this discussion:
**On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness**

The tusks that clashed in mighty brawls
Of mastodons, are billiard balls.

The sword of Charlemagne the Just
Is ferric oxide, known as rust.

The grizzly bear whose potent hug
Was feared by all, is now a rug.

Great Caesar's bust is on my shelf,
And I don't feel so well myself.

- Arthur Guiterman (1871-1943)

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