[AMRadio] Ham radio decline Dumb and Dumber

FRANK HUGHES hughes frsahu0003 at embarqmail.com
Sun Apr 30 16:00:38 EDT 2017

It's not just the hourly workers of the "everything is all about me" generation we have to contend with. 
I wonder where our engineers of the future are coming from, not the USA, probably. 
How can a college kid become a competent engineer if they don't know how anything works, don't know how to do any work with their hands? 
Son KJ4WLW is a Senior, will soon obtain a Computer Engineering degree. 
Some course work involved making circuits, breadboards, soldering. 
He was amazed that the other kids did not know what that electric hot pencil looking thing was. Solder was a mystery. 
I had the kid building electronics kits from 10 years old, he enjoyed teaching the other students, but they are all going on to engineering jobs, WTH??? 

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