[AMRadio] Ham radio decline Dumb and Dumber

Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Sun Apr 30 16:42:12 EDT 2017

On 4/30/17 4:00 PM, FRANK HUGHES hughes wrote:
> It's not just the hourly workers of the "everything is all about me" 
> generation we have to contend with.
> I wonder where our engineers of the future are coming from, not the 
> USA, probably.
> How can a college kid become a competent engineer if they don't know 
> how anything works, don't know how to do any work with their hands?
> Son KJ4WLW is a Senior, will soon obtain a Computer Engineering degree.
> Some course work involved making circuits, breadboards, soldering.
> He was amazed that the other kids did not know what that electric hot 
> pencil looking thing was. Solder was a mystery.
In my engineering career in the microelectronics industry I ran into 
many peers, from my sons' ages up to my own generation, who were in 
engineering only because of the pay and job availability (not bad 
reasons, to be honest), and perhaps because they had been told they had 
abilities in math and science. These folks did not have any 
technically-oriented hobbies, and I wondered why that was so. I ran into 
a guy with a PhD who didn't know how to apply Ohm's law, although he was 
no dummy in other ways. A lot of very highly-educated people were pretty 
short on common sense, and couldn't solve a technical problem if their 
life depended on it. Hobbies like amateur radio, at least the amateur 
radio we knew, provide indispensable training in all sorts of seemingly 
unrelated areas.


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