[AMRadio] Posting problems

w5jo at brightok.net w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Apr 30 17:47:24 EDT 2017

Hey guys,

Some people are having trouble posting.  The reasons are unclear and 
different from one person to another at the moment.

Day before yesterday everything was normal for me.  Then yesterday I tried 
to post a message and the system returned the message that my ISP's IP 
address had been blacklisted by the Spambot.
I couldn't even send a message to QTH to notify them and see what the 
problem was.  Finally I found a way to temporarily whitelist the address for 
7 day and I may be temporary unless Brian is able to get the problem solved 
before I run out of time.  Fortunately, everyone is very kind and respectful 
here so there is very little if ever a need for me to be involved in an 
exchange.  Thank all of you for that.

But some people who use the digest mode are having trouble so I thought I 
would pass along something that has worked for me.

When you replay to a message you receive in the digest, hit the Reply or 
Reply All button.  Remember if you want to post to the list to use the Reply 
All button, if you want to engage the individual use the Reply button.  When 
I use the Reply All button I remove  individual names so they don't receive 
more than one copy of the message, leaving only the AM Radio name in either 
the To or CC field.

Then delete all messages and extraneous material other than the message you 
want to  reply to in the body of the message.  This eliminates some 
possibilities of being blocked.

Depending on the list, I even remove the Fw in front of the message subject 
so it appears to be an original message.

I hope that will help some of you.



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