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> The Kenwood TS-2000 has a "real" amp relay, but I always advise running a
> external interface relay to keep the bad stuff, ( think unmodified SB-220 )

​The TS-2000 is 'locked' at 25w output on AM.
In order for it to look 'decent' on a 'scope, the output has to be dropped
to around 7 or 8 watts.
​Others in the TS- line-up, have separate Power Output and Carrier
controls.  The TS-2k does, as well, but as I said, it's -locked- at 25w
output, Total.

On, say, a TS-450S, the power output can be left at 100w (WFO) and the
carrier brought down to around 25% of total output, for a decent looking
audio pattern on an o'scope.

Doesn't take much of a genius to see that 25w of carrier output is 4x 6.25w.

I *like* the TS-2000 - it truly is a 'Shack-in-a-box', as far as a
SSB/CW/FM xcvr is concerned - bonus is having 6m, 2m, and 70cm and all-mode
too boot!

But, it ain't no AM rig... unless you can tickle a quad of 6146's to drive
a 4-1000 or a pair of 3-500Z's, if you're going to use a linear amplifier
behind a plastic radio, as inefficient as that is.​

Operating your AM rig without a scope is like driving our car at night
without headlights. (~K4KYV)

73 = Best Regards,

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