[AMRadio] Tech info for some mow dern stuff.

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Aug 2 14:26:28 EDT 2017

> ​The TS-2000 is 'locked' at 25w output on AM.
> In order for it to look 'decent' on a 'scope, the output has to be dropped to
> around 7 or 8 watts.

Is that the maximum rf output capability of the final amp, or does it put out more than that with other modes?  Maybe the manufacturers were worried about the final transistors overheating at 100% AM duty cycle beyond that power level.

> But, it ain't no AM rig... unless you can tickle a quad of 6146's to drive a 4-1000
> or a pair of 3-500Z's, if you're going to use a linear amplifier behind a plastic
> radio, as inefficient as that is.​

The best way to use a plastic radio for AM is to disable the audio completely or else cut the af gain back to minimum, run it at reduced carrier and use it as a VFO to drive a plate-modulated transmitter.  If it has enough carrier output capability at 100% duty cycle, it may be able to drive the final directly without a separate driver stage, particularly if the final is a tetrode or pentode.

Don k4kyv

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