[AMRadio] Kenwood TS-2000

Robert Bethman oldrotorheadsarge at outlook.com
Wed Aug 2 17:32:04 EDT 2017

This model of Kenwood is not even remotely like the TS-930SAT.

The TS-930SAT had a heavy duty heatsink across the entire rear panel.  It also had two very good fans to cool the finals, and a electromechanical antenna tuner built-in.

The TS-2000 has a very small heatsink, and has NO fan on the heatsink at all.  There is one very small fan inside that cools the processor section.

The TS-930SAT would easily drive a pair of 3-500Zs.  The TS-2000 will NOT drive 3-500Zs.

One needing legal output on all modes using the TS-2000 will need one of the solid state amplifiers that are available.

My choice was the ALS-1306.  It is no tune, covers 160 through 6 meters.  It is a two piece amp with a separate 240V power supply.

Regards, N0DGN

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