[AMRadio] Two tone audio generation

Robert Bethman oldrotorheadsarge at outlook.com
Thu Aug 3 23:50:59 EDT 2017

One could either make or purchase two XR2206 Signal Generator Module DIY Kit Output 1Hz-1MHz Adjustable Frequency A6Q9.

It would most likely be cheaper to buy the kits rather than purchasing all the parts.

I use my Rigol to set the two at 400Hz and 1KHz.  combine the two signals.  [  Pay attention to polarity! ]

Feed them into a pretty small speaker.  These signal generators must be impedance matched to the speaker!  They output @ 600 ohm impedance.  So work out what you need for what speaker impedance you have at hand.

I use an acrylic tube with a few holes in it to allow for airflow yet don't pick up exterior noise.  Decent open cell foam will work fine.

Place the radio microphone inside the far end.

Now you have a darn good two tone generator to feed the microphone with a signal that you have set the output level and frequencies.

Observe the radio output with your monitor scope.  [  Don't forget to use a dummy load!  ]  I have a 400 Watt one at hand.  That will handle *most* exciters.  

Regards, N0DGN

A.R.S. N0DGN [ Licensed Since 1980 ]
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