[AMRadio] Ants and HOA's

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sun Aug 6 13:59:10 EDT 2017

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> Subject: Re: [AMRadio] Ants and HOA's
> Why would anyone move to a place where you have to ask permission to
> paint your own house, and be told the colors that are authorized?
> It's simple-esthetics. I got tired of having neighbors parking their
> and boats in the front yard or painting their homes hot pink.
> My HOA homes have also always maintained property value much better
> than the non-HOA. If I've got to choose between a hobby or my home and
> family, the hobby's going to come out last every time.

The same tired old bogus argument.  

Outdoor antennas, particularly wire  strung between trees and vertical masts
in the back yard have absolutely  nothing to do with boats, tractor trailers
or old cars in the front yard or painting the house pink. The killer with
HOAs is the mindlessly inclusive boilerplate regulations inserted by default
in nearly every present-day real estate development contract. 

As Rob just pointed out, a ham who accepts the idea that antennas are an
eyesore, should tear up his ticket and find another hobby.

Don k4kyv

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