[AMRadio] Ants and HOA's

Jay Bromley jayw5jay at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 23:03:29 EDT 2017

Hi Larry and all,
The problem is, well at least in this part of the world, finding a place
that doesn't have an HOA.  That includes being out in the country!  My wife
found a new job some 1 hour away from our old home and ended up staying up
near the new job during the week.  BTW, this was a requirement as she is a
supervisor for a hospital she works at.  No matter rain, snow or shine, she
has to be there!  I have mentioned this to several hams every time this
subject comes up, but it doesn't seem to soak in unless you have moved

It took us five years to find a place up in Northwest Arkansas near her
work.  Well we cut the drive time down for her to just under 20 minutes and
everything else is within that distance or less.  It took us 5 years of
looking hard to find this place and now I am surrounded by power lines with
noise.  I think I can get a handle on the noise.  I was getting desperate
and even the realtor noticed it.  When we found this place I asked my wife
if she liked the kitchen and she said yes, I looked over at the realtor and
said OK, let's do it.  While I was even with my signing the papers there
was another person out in the driveway for a second look that probably
would have bought this house.  I had about a half a dozen stories like

I know it is hard to believe for some hams that are lucky enough to vote
with their wallet or have many years ago.  However what we have for decades
called PRB-1, wasn't working unless you wanted to go it alone legally and
even that is not a sure thing.  I was once in a town, not in an HOA, and
know all too well about what it cost legally to go it alone as some
neighbors complained about my tower that wasn't regulated by the city.
Still they considered it a broadcast structure and they didn't know the
difference between that and ham radio!

Now the counties are getting into the mix regulating towers they consider
an eye sore, etc.  I have just under 3 acres here and the limit for
Washington county here  is 80 feet  So much for a full size 160m vertical.
Funny we can't dig a well, but we can have livestock, etc.  Regulations are
creeping up on us all and now of the ham installations are rarely permanent
as were are not on this earth, hi. No wonder the hobby is dwindling down,
who wants to fight all this, when you have enough to do with building a
station and then trying to get all the noise sources figured out.

BTW, my youngest daughter just got a job in Virginia and they are having
 hard time finding a place.  They found one place they like only to learn
they can have pets.  They have two small dogs.  She only has a few weeks to
figure something out before starting the new job that her family can
afford.  They been looking hard for a month and the other problem is her
husband has a job about an hour away at a local university.  Even though
this is not related to ham radio in any way I thought it was interesting to
see in a different part of the country they are having the same issues as
here in Arkansas.

One thing that some posters here don't consider here, how in the world is a
new teenager supposed to vote with his wallet if he/she is interested in
the hobby?  They are usually years away from heading to college and we
wonder why we don't have more young folks into the hobby.  I started when I
was 12 years old and back then we routinely put up 70 foot towers right in
town and no one cared.  They were always gone in a few years, hams going to
college or getting married, etc.

I am not an attorney and don't know what is right on this issue. I did do
the ARRL link to my senators and even got back a response.  We really are
not relevant these days in emergency, but they always seem to say something
about this in their replies.  Oh well just my .5 cents on the subject.
YMMV.  :-)

73 de w5jay/jay..

On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 7:28 AM, Larry Szendrei <ne1s at securespeed.us> wrote:

> On 8/5/17 9:30 PM, Rob Atkinson wrote:
>> And not everyone is a property owner's rights libertarian like me.
> ...and I think that's a damn shame.
> I'm with you, Rob, but I think individuals need to push back against the
> HOAs by voting with their wallets and being vocal about their reasons for
> not wishing to join one, as much as possible.
> 73,
> -Larry/NE1S
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