[AMRadio] Test Equipment

Michael D. Harmon mharmon at att.net
Mon Aug 21 11:19:36 EDT 2017

I have to say that I have been fortunate in locating gear for my bench.  
The majority of pieces came in inoperable condition.  I managed to 
scrounge up junk carcasses or "parts" units to steal parts from to get a 
unit up and running.  I love working on stuff, especially test gear and 
old tube-type amateur gear, so I sorta look at it all as a labor of 
love.  I'm 67 and have been building and fixing stuff all my life.  I've 
been licensed since 1968, and have seen a LOT of technology changes in 
the past 50 years!

Right now, I'd have to say the most used items on my bench are my Tek 
7904A scope, various power supplies, DVM, frequency counters (HP 5340A 
and Leader LDC-824S), signal generators (HP 8640B and SG-1144), 
Ballantine 323 AC voltmeter, Boonton 91H RF voltmeter and Millen 90662A 
grid dip meter (complete set of LF/MF/HF/VHF coils). I have quite a bit 
of homebrew gear as well.  I have just found a Spectracom 8197 GPSDO to 
keep everything on frequency, but I don't have the antenna up yet.  I 
spend WAY more time at the bench than I do on the air!

That's my two cents' worth!
Mike, WB0LDJ
mharmon at att dot net

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