[AMRadio] eclipse

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Aug 21 19:46:01 EDT 2017

> Hal/WB4AEG here...I'll be listening 1812 and 3528CW and watching the REV
> bcn. Will be interesting...

I listened shortly after totality.  Didn't hear anything on 160m, but tuned
to the top end of the AM broadcast band, and heard several stations between
1600 and 1700, kind of like on a midwinter day.  Didn't listen long enough
to ID any one, but there was a particularly strong one around 1640 or 1650.
An hour or so later that segment of the band was completely devoid of any
signals whatever.

Excellent viewing conditions here.  Totality lasted 2 min 9 seconds, and the
sky was 100% clear.  Those in the path of totality who didn't bother to
prepare for viewing the real thing and watched it on TV or the computer,
missed an experience of a lifetime: the spectacular 360° panoramic "sunset",
the cooling off of the broiling heat, the wind patterns and overall look of
the sky and horizon during totality.  I didn't see any stars, but Venus was
brilliantly visible.  What made it even more impressive is that we got to
see it from here amidst familiar surroundings, catching subtleties that
might not have been noticed by those travelling to unfamiliar settings to
catch totality. 

We made a nice party out of it, with family and friends totalling about 20
people, including Jay W5JAY and his lovely wife.

Don k4kyv

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