[AMRadio] Receiver IF on received freq.

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 28 12:48:31 EST 2017

Happy New Year to all.

I have this Knightkit R55A receiver that seems to be working pretty good now, even though the sens is not that great.  AM with 10db S+N/N is around 3 uv, up to 40 meters, but a detectable CW signal is in the -120dbm range.  The 6 meter band is hopeless. They should have put in an RF amp and another stage of tuned circuits like in the R100, but for 60 bucks back in the 1960's era to a  Novice, was probably a pretty good bet. The MVC position basically grounds the circuit and runs the rig and full gain, but in AVC, it lets that circuit runs the show.  One thing I can say for it, is that Knightkit designed a really good AVC circuit, I can hit it with 0dbm and it immediately compensates and gives good fidelity, where it will block solid around -30dbm in MVC, and why they call it MVC is odd as there is no manual gain control to turn.  This receiver has a 1650KC IF strip, and it does work on the BC band just fine, but wondered exactly what is going on when I tune to 1650 on the AM dial.  Guessing I have the equivalent of a direct conversion radio.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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