[AMRadio] Globe Champion 300/350

mark lexnonscripta at usa.com
Thu Dec 28 20:47:25 EST 2017

Hi Bob,

Thank you - I believe that Issue was September of 1997 by my friend, 
K9RJ... Well, he was such a nice guy, I think he was everybody's friend. 
When I first moved back to Illinois and decided to get back into AMing, 
he was the first person I wanted to get in touch with again. It was a 
real let down for me when I found that he had passed. I have very good 
memories of Jim and the group on the Midwest Classic Radio Net when I 
first started taking check ins. I think we had only 7 that first 
Saturday, and Jim was one of them.

Anyhow, W5JO has offered to lend some of his info on the 8643 
conversion, and it just so happens that I won a pair just a few minutes 
ago on eBay. Guess I am committed!

Thanks for responding,


> Hi Mark
> I think you can find the conversion of AX9099 to 5894 tubes in ER Magazine.
> Not sure of issue.
> Be well,
> bob...w2ami x wn2ami 1962
> From: mark <lexnonscripta at usa.com>
> To: amradio at mailman.qth.net
> Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2017 22:13:25 -0600
> Subject: [AMRadio] Globe Champion 300/350
> Hello All!
> I have recently acquired a Globe Champion 350 which will need some
> attention. I have read on many posts about converting the finals to the
> 8043/5894 in lieu of the AX9099 tubes. I have seen references to other tube
> final tube mods for this radio as well.
> My problem is that I cannot find any documentation describing the
> procedure.  Is there anyone that can provide some insight as to where I
> might find the schematic mod for this radio?
> Thanks
> Mark
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