[AMRadio] WTB - Johnson Valiant II-style knob

Michael D. Harmon mharmon at att.net
Fri Dec 29 20:28:35 EST 2017

A couple of years ago, I found a nice Valiant II that someone has 
removed the "Drive" knob from when they replaced the pot.  (They also 
made a mess of replacing the power switch, but that's a different story!).

The replacement pot has a trimpot-style 1/8" slotted shaft which I guess 
they operated with a screwdriver.  I have a 25K 5W pot to replace the 
trimpot with, but I have no knob for the shaft.  This is one of the 
aluminum fluted knobs with the triangular pointer.  I know there weren't 
that many Johnson radios which used that particular knob, but I sure 
would love to find one for the old girl.

If any of you have an extra Valiant II-style knob, I want to talk to you!

Mike Harmon, WB0LDJ
mharmon at att dot net

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