[AMRadio] Strange, did aliens arrive?

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I recall reading some years back that GPS sats. have a highly accurate clock 
on board.

But, given the way things change, who knows for sure?



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Speaking of Cell phone time, that is GPS locked. What does GPS use for a 
standard? If the GPS system is WWV locked, that might explain why I ended up 
in Seattle instead of Ft. Worth :-)...... Wondered where the hell those 
mountains come from.
Bill AD5OL

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Now that you mention it, I looked over at the WWV sync'd wall clock and it 
is not showing signal either. Guess I will have to rely on what the computer 
tells me. That is auto sync'd to an internet time standard.
  Come to think of it, the time indicated by the cell phone is locked into a 
source as well.
I have to make sure that my poached eggs do not get over cooked.


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