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Bill, et al,

This system is actually very inexpensive for me.  The Trimble 1PPS Revolution board was less than $50, and the additional circuitry I am not even paying for.  The 10MC Oscillator was given to me by the Electronics Engineer that is building the rest of the circuit.

The only thing more accurate would be if I were to purchase a Rubidium clock.  I’m not about to spend those $$$!

Regards, Bob – N0DGN

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Yeah, there was much talk on the Flex Radio reflector (which is mostly silent these days) about training your radio's internal oscillator with the 1 PPS / 10 PPS sync pulses from a GPS receiver. I never was that the into the process even though I've had 3 of their radios.

Bill AD5OL

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On Feb 22, 2017, at 7:00 PM, Robert Bethman <oldrotorheadsarge at outlook.com<mailto:oldrotorheadsarge at outlook.com>> wrote:
Take a look at: <http://www.gps.gov/applications/timing/>.

What it says is that *each* GPS Satellite has multiple atomic clocks on-board.

The GPS Satellite System Synchronizes within its self to keep accurate time.

The loss of NIST in Fort Collins should NOT alter GPS timing.

Regards, Bob - N0DGN

P.S. This also why I am in the process of developing a 1PPS Trimble Revolution Board System that will lock a 10MC Oscillator with the GPS System.  This will keep a 10MC reference in my shack no matter what happens to NIST or the inability to set my transceiver as close as possible to a very tight standard.

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