[AMRadio] GPS Time

Oliver Steiner steinerviolinist at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 01:16:28 EST 2017

My WWVB clock was several seconds slow the other day.  I think some or
all of the WWV stations may have been off the air for servicing.  Now,
06:15 UTC, WWV is coming in very well (here in Atlanta) on 5 MHz.  My
clock re-synched with it, and is telling me the right time now.


On 2/22/17, Robert Bethman <oldrotorheadsarge at outlook.com> wrote:
> That is today's problem!  Clocks have not been made since about then that
> synchronize to 60Hz since about that time.
> I'm just avoiding the loss of WWV and the inherent delay.
> Regarding my computer, it gets time sync through an old piece of software.
> I use the Naval Observatory for that.
> Since MY cost is so low, I can manage to go the route that I am.  Regards,
> Bob - N0DGN
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> I've got a MasterCrafters, made in Chicago IL, 24 hour clock synchronized to
> 60Hz.  Keeps wonderful time, and has been since I bought it from Lafayette
> R&E around 1966, likes a shot of oil in the wick now and then,  doesn't have
> a USB output, and if it did, don't have  any USB inputs on any of my gear to
> hook it to.
> Charlie, W4MEC in NC
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