[AMRadio] GK500 OTA almost

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Thu Jan 5 09:17:13 EST 2017

I am not surprised, they did  not spend a lot of time  proof reading it 
seems.  The copy of the manual I have shows that screen dropping resistor to 
be 20K and your units have 25K.

Another example is my 500A has a parasitic suppressor in the driver plate 
lead but the manual that came with the unit does not show it.  The manual is 
the original document furnished by the WRL in 1954.


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I know WRL used what was available and what was cheap.
The example though I noticed was in the final amp screen grid circuit there 
is a resistor which the parts list shows 2500 ohm, 20 watt. The actual part 
used is 25K ohm, 20 watt. The part in my keeper and both junkers are all the 
same and look original.

When I found this, I really thought I had something. Now, I just don't know 
and left it alone like it was.

Good Day, Collin

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