[AMRadio] AMRadio Digest, Vol 156, Issue 6

Collin n4tua at aol.com
Mon Jan 9 22:00:09 EST 2017

I did get the watt meter inline with the Globe King 500B this evening and tuned up on the crystals I have been using to test out the RF deck and homespun power supply. 

I was able to squeeze out
310 watts on 3883 kc
350 watts on 7050 kc
Ran out of time on 14100 kc

Looking good so far. I'm going to break it down and work on the modulator deck next. I stripped all of the decks down to the chassis and blasted them because they were badly rusted when I got it. Rebuilding each component by component as I reassemble them. 

Let me tell you about my HV power supply. Or should I say more accurately MV power supply. The HV transformer on this GK was replaced before I got it with a huge potted transformer that did not even fit on the chassis. What a mess, it was hanging over the edges and too big physically but that was not all, it was shorted and I could not repair it. Found a sad looking junker BC-610 power supply deck with a leaky oil filled transformer and all of the parts needed to make a 3000 volt plus power supply. Gutted the leaky oil filled transformer and salvaged the core, it is fine and works great air cooled. Long story short this GK will have a forth deck, an external power supply for the final amplifier tube. 

Good Day, Collin

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