[AMRadio] 'A' battery

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 00:13:13 EST 2017

Sounds like one of those funky 50s batteries, Charlie. Something weird like
a long C cell with a 9 volt type clip on one end?

I have a number of sets here that use 1.5 volt filament voltage, but their
A cell is/was a typical old dry cell. Haven't seen one of those in years,
but at least someone is making cases that you can stuff a bunch of D cells
into and it looks the same.

Been playing with an old Radiola Senior lately with a single WD-11 tube. A
lot of fun. I use a single D cell for filament and three 9 volt cells for
the B voltage. Bought a few cheapy plastic battery holders online and
hooked them to a board. Not pretty but works fine.

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ/4

On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 10:12 PM, CL in NC via AMRadio <
amradio at mailman.qth.net> wrote:

> I have an older radio with 1.5V filament, and after researching since I
> have no info on what type battery fit in it, the battery box takes a cell
> that has the dimensions of a 'G' cell.  The G today is a modern lithium for
> some gadget, but has anybody ever seen a G cell anywhere?  Other than a
> physical description on a few sites, no pictures exist.  If it is not a G
> and the G is about the height of 2 C cells stacked,  has anybody seen a
> battery box that takes 2 C cells, puts them in line and + to -, with no
> connection between them such that you have a double C cell battery but only
> 1.5 volts out?  A lantern battery contains 4 F cells, and even though half
> again bigger than a D, still too short.  Tried a few vintage radio sites
> for their knowledge, but no luck.  I have tried building a 1.5 v power
> supply to drive this, but the filter requirements are extremely hard to
> meet.  Even the slightest ripple in the single digit millivolt range makes
> the radio buzz, where battery power
>  is dead quiet.
> Charlie, W4MEC in NC
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