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I would vote to leave it up............... it's true, many reflectors are seeing a diminished number of posts these days but activity seems to come and go on a cyclical basis.  As an example, the ARC5 reflector has been in the tank for long periods of time but recently (past 2-3 months) there has been a revival of sorts and many posts about the "ARC 5" genre of gear have been made.  To the extent that some are now reviving those pieces of gear and putting them back on the air.  It's prompted me to dig out and restore a couple of receivers and the matching transmitters are next for this winter's projects.

I'm an AM'er, but readily admit to not being as active as I want.  Sure, age and other distractions (or excuses) may be an answer but when the forums we can turn to are no longer there then we have nothing to rely on when the bug bites us enough to get active.

Well, do what has to be done if there is no other answer.  But my vote is to leave it in place.

Thanks for asking for input.

73  de  W4MIL

チャーリー ミルトン 


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I have been talking to Brian, W5AMI about this list lately.

Given the lack of activity and postings we have decided to terminate it.

Even Boatanchors has diminished postings.  So if you do not want to 
terminate this group, then post an answer.

Otherwise it will go away soon.

73 all,


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