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Paul Baldock paul at paulbaldock.com
Fri Jul 14 17:58:48 EDT 2017

I think there would be more interest in this group if members would 
actually get on the air, and maybe on a band that you might talk to 
somebody other than across town.

Despite what you think, propagation is not zero in this sunspot 
minimum. Almost every day of the week I can work somebody in Europe 
form here on the West Coast on 40m and 20m using SSB, CW and digital 
modes. A couple of times a week I call CQ on the AM frequencies on 
those bands without a reply. Similarly during the summer months there 
is terrific 10m Sporadic E propagation around the US, but again no AM 
activity. that I have found

So from my perspective if you started actually using AM it might 
generate more to talk about on this reflector.

- Paul KW7Y

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