[AMRadio] Possible changes

Randy Berry randyn3lrx at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 18:22:43 EDT 2017

II hope you've made the decision to keep the list.

Changes are fine, everything changes over time.

I don't say much because I generally don't have much to say but I read
all of the posts that come through this list and I enjoy it.

I am living in an apartment and cannot have any form of antennas so my
ham radio is limited to the Internet and what I can read. I'd love to
get on the air and yak with you guys, and actually use my legal limit
AM tx'er, but for now I'll just have to read about all your AM
experiences on here.

Thank you Jim, et al. for your consideration in keeping the list alive.

73 es gl de Randy N3LRX/8

On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 10:48 AM,  <w5jo at brightok.net> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Your comments are not falling on deaf ears, we appreciate your thoughts
> about what happens here.  Some things for you to consider.
> It is not a burden to moderate this list, especially lately with the lack of
> traffic.  Also the cost to Brian, Todd and myself is nil other than time
> spent.  However, the cost of space for it is bourn by the owner of the
> equipment where this reflector resides.  I rarely see any request for
> donations from the owner, but if you can, please contribute to him.
> Over the years, and my memory is not all that good, we have not had what I
> would call any real problems.  Again if memory serves, we have banned only
> one participant and I have had conversations with just a few.  That is a
> testament to the atmosphere all here create and maintain.
> Another thing I see is the level of information is of very high quality.  It
> is a place that someone can come to ask any question and receive a kind
> answer.  That is the one thing we have tried to provide, an atmosphere where
> all questions are treated with the same level of respect.  I look at the
> reflector as a place where those of the AM community can come and carry on a
> QSO.  All discussions are not required to be about technical issues with
> equipment, however the discussions should be the kind of things that an AM
> QSO would contain.  Keep in mind I am talking about propagation, antennas,
> tuners, audio enhancements, methods of tuning and the like.  I do not want
> to see the reflector degenerate into personal discussions, mowing the lawn
> or such other than incidental, occasional comments contained in the post.
> What has happened to the traffic here is not all that seasonal.  Yes in
> summertime activity falls off, but the lack of traffic in the past 12 months
> span the 4 seasons.  Also the use of Facebook has moved many to that venue
> along with other social sites.  That, I think, has been the biggest
> influence here.  I know of several people who have started pages on Facebook
> and would not consider coming over here now.  That has driven the traffic
> down considerably.
> I would like to thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts.  I, or
> we, will keep you informed.  Like so many of you I read every post all the
> way through for obvious reasons.  The group here are professional and very
> knowledgeable.
> Thanks to all for that kind of atmosphere.
> 73,
> Jim
> W5JO
> Moderator
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