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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Jul 15 23:09:40 EDT 2017

Let's keep it.  If activity has diminished, that means less work and hassle
to administer, monitor and maintain it.  But I have noticed that activity
tends to come in clusters; it may go for days or even a week or two with no
posts, but as soon as something major occurs concerning AM, including
potential threats to our operating privileges, it comes alive with activity.
Also, if someone posts something, controversial or not, that particularly
grabs attention, a long thread of replies often follows. That's exactly what
I have always thought the purpose of this list was.  

The e-mail reflector is a more instant and direct way of communicating than
are the various web forums.  Not everyone who subscribes to the web forums
checks them every day, but the e-mail notification arrives in real time, or
at least within the same day for those of us who have opted for digest form.
I think it's an essential supplement to the popular web forums.

Regarding dearth of activity, I have noticed that recently on the web forums
too, and even over the air.  Lately, the lack of over-the-air activity has
seemed a bit discouraging and made me wonder if I would have gone to all the
trouble to construct my present antenna system and station if activity had
already dwindled to what it is to-day, at the time when I first started to
put it all together back in the early 80s. Blame some (but not all) of it on
band condx and summer QRN, as well as summer activities that draw people
away from their electronic devices.

It takes a lot more effort to start up a mailing list, than to keep one
going that has been running for years, just as it takes more to build a
station from ground up and put it on the air than to keep one going after
it's already built, barring a catastrophe like major storm damage or a fire.

I noticed that interest in this list dwindled following the debacle over
buy/sell/trade messages, when the sub-list was formed for trading.  Things
immediately started to dwindle, and after the sub-list was discontinued and
trade messages once more returned to this list, it never quite fully


Don k4kyv

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> I have been talking to Brian, W5AMI about this list lately.
> Given the lack of activity and postings we have decided to terminate it.
> Even Boatanchors has diminished postings.  So if you do not want to 
> terminate this group, then post an answer.
> Otherwise it will go away soon.
> 73 all,
> Jim
> W5JO
> Moderator

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