[AMRadio] Liberty Ship RX

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 16 18:25:24 EDT 2017

When I followed the link sent here about the Liberty Ship radio room, I saw the later version of my receiver I restored to as close to original as I could, a while back.  Don't know if the attached pic will post or not.  The RX, a Mackay 128, had been modified in the PS section, and it normally had a jack field on the back apron to accommodate various power options, all that had been changed or the chassis drilled for other additions.  This is only the VLF model, not the one shown in the John Brown radio room that went to 25MC.  The metal trim around the dial on the front panel was in very bad shape, but, for some reason, inside the radio, there were 3 more identical versions of that trim piece used as spacers.  Since they were sandwiched together, they were in perfect shape, so just swapped one out.  The front panel also was sickly, but, all the writing was raised lettering, so, sanded the rust off, gave it a coat of gray as close to the original as I could, and hit all the letters with sandpaper and brought them out like new.  The audio out stage had been modified for basic transformer output, and I returned it to original, consisting of a  22uh choke in the plate lead of the audio amp and capacitor coupling to the headphone jack.  Of all my VLF stuff, which consists of an RAK, RCH, R390A with Palomar converter, BC348, and several aviation beacon receivers, this is easiest to operate and has excellent sensitivity.  Now, if we just had more realistic regulations pending on the new VLF bands instead of 1 watt and a 50 foot antenna, including feedline....

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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