[AMRadio] Confessions of an AMRadio Reader

Kenneth D. Moak kdm at ctcn.net
Sun Jul 16 18:41:55 EDT 2017

I'm guilty!

I don't think I've ever posted to the reflector, but I've read every post.

For 40 years I've listened to AM or later working AM.

Often when I was supposed to be:
 1. Asleep (under the covers).
 2. Doing homework.
 3. Working.
 4. Helping with the kids.
 5. Enjoying Retirement i.e. mowing the grass :-(

My start in AM: "The Marine Corps Marching Band Changed My Life;" January
2015, K9YA Telegraph; http://www.k9ya.org

I don't do Fakebook or any other "social media" because like Mike, K5UJ
says: Ham Radio is my social media.

Right now my XYL, KM8Q and I are fighting her battle with brain cancer, and
as she wins it I hope to return to AM with the passion that we once had.

For now, we enjoy AM through AMRadio and a few other web pages.

I appreciate the effort everyone makes to keep AM alive.

Ken, KM8AM
Urbana, OH

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