[AMRadio] Cross-posting

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Jul 17 12:35:20 EDT 2017

> One thing I noticed is that this discussion migrated over to the
> List.  My suggestion is to not cross post to other lists in any message.
> That avoids confusion on other reflectors.

I'm not exactly sure what "cross posting" means.  I always took it to mean
copying a message from one list and re-posting it verbatim in another,
without duly crediting the original list.  Maybe you could clarify exactly
what it means.

I wouldn't think posting the same information regarding a specific topic on
more than one list, the same thing as "cross-posting".  Sometimes,
particularly when seeking a certain piece of information, one might post the
same message on  several lists hoping that a response shows up on at  least

Likewise, starting a thread on another list with its own original OP,
discussing a general decline of activity on mailing lists and including some
of the opinions and suggestions taken from here, shouldn't be considered
cross-posting.  Or would it?  Once something is posted on one list, does
proper etiquette require that the same topic not be posted on other lists,
at least right away?

Don k4kyv

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