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Mon Jul 17 16:06:21 EDT 2017

What I am saying is when someone posts the same question to multiple 
reflectors and groups with the same message as you mentioned.

I don't see a problem with that if it is a for sale ad but common 
communications that is posted that way can cause confusion when people try 
to answer.  If they are members of more than one group then the answer comes 
from two groups.   While your view that it can be beneficial, the recent 
discussion about closing this list was cross posted to the Boatanchors 
reflector and, I feel pretty certain, that those members who do not have 
membership here were confused.

I have seen subjects started here without cross posting in the beginning, 
and were finished on Boatanchors.  Not all members here are members of 
Boatanchors so they missed some of the discussion.  I don't like the 
practice, but can't control what happens in that respect.  Also I won't 
cause trouble for those who do it, but remember that if you start a 
discussion here, it would be nice to finish it here for everyone's benefit. 
And to a similar vein, I like to see answers to questions and posts here. 
So if you hit the Reply All button it will come back.  You can edit the TO 
line by eliminating the originator's address so only one answer will hit 
their box.  As everyone saw, we have numerous readers who stated that they 
benefit from the discussions here.  I like that idea.

Many times I see a message that is posted to AMRadio, Boatanchors,military 
reflectors, Heath reflectors and the like.  Without thinking (imagine that) 
I hit reply all so as to post a public response and it goes to all the 
reflectors where I don't have a membership.  Strangely, those places where I 
lack membership will send that message right back for some reason.  How dare 
them....I answered the question.

This is no big issue for me other than if you post a message here looking 
for an answer, it would be nice to see the replies.  They even help me 
remember something or bring back grand memories.
73 all,


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> One thing I noticed is that this discussion migrated over to the
> List.  My suggestion is to not cross post to other lists in any message.
> That avoids confusion on other reflectors.

I'm not exactly sure what "cross posting" means.  I always took it to mean
copying a message from one list and re-posting it verbatim in another,
without duly crediting the original list.  Maybe you could clarify exactly
what it means.

I wouldn't think posting the same information regarding a specific topic on
more than one list, the same thing as "cross-posting".  Sometimes,
particularly when seeking a certain piece of information, one might post the
same message on  several lists hoping that a response shows up on at  least

Likewise, starting a thread on another list with its own original OP,
discussing a general decline of activity on mailing lists and including some
of the opinions and suggestions taken from here, shouldn't be considered
cross-posting.  Or would it?  Once something is posted on one list, does
proper etiquette require that the same topic not be posted on other lists,
at least right away?

Don k4kyv

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